Haunted Operations Team of North Carolina



Felix Gomes – Founder/Lead Investigator – I was raised in a haunted home and that is what sparked my interest in the paranormal. In the years I’ve been doing this, I’ve investigated many historic sites such as Gettysburg, Fort Mifflin and The Shanley Hotel to name but a few. I am 13 years in and still have not discovered that one piece of evidence that would settle the argument once and for all but that is my goal. I am also an avid professional wrestling fan. I was born and raised in New York, have lived for many years in Pennsylvania and now call North Carolina my home. I have investigated with many of the “para-celebrities” that you might see on shows such as “Ghost Hunters” and “Ghost Adventures”.


Ed Beiner Jr. – Co-Founder/Lead Investigator - I grew up in New York on Long Island. I graduated from Commack High School. I moved to Eastern North Carolina in 2005 and have been here ever since. My interest in the paranormal has been there somewhat after both my Grandfathers past in October of 1998. I've always had a desire for them to reach out from beyond the grave to let me know they are still with me. My wife helped peak my interest further when she would watch the shows on television. I have grown up being a proud New York Mets, Philadelphia Flyers and WWE fan. Most recently I was and still am a CM Punk fan. One of his claims was to be the "Voice of the voiceless" in the WWE. I hope to be the voice for the voiceless that are still with us here on Earth.


Crystal Rae Beiner – Location Manager/Investigator - Hi, my name is Crystal. I'm an eastern North Carolina native and a hairstylist in Greenville. I believe in residual energy in places and buildings, left over from past occupants and events of said places and buildings. I believe in other planes of life and I do not believe that we are alone in this universe. My goal with Haunted Operations Team is to investigate and find out the cause behind any abnormalities and help others handle their fear of or to accept their life with the paranormal and metaphysical world. 

Amanda Whitfield – Lead Investigator - Well my experiences with the paranormal started when I was very young. Officially though I started Ghost Hunting when I was 16 years old, when the show Ghost Hunters came out. It has now been 10 years later and my experience and tech bag has gotten much bigger! I love anything paranormal and I love being a ghost hunter. Short and sweet, I know, but that's me in a nutshell!

Anna Hamilton - Investigator-in-Training - I am a wife and mother of Two first and foremost. My life is fairly normal except I've always been able to see ghosts. I regularly see ghosts/spirits and have sometimes been able to communicate with them especially those related to me and close to friends and family ( lots of experience with this).I sense presences and can usually get a feeling for gender and emotion.(this typically happens in old buildings or houses) Growing up my great grandmother(deceased) visited me often and comforted me although I never really knew her and only recognized her from photos I had seen. At times I have felt a spirit touch and even push me... I don't claim a title but I have a vast interest and my life experiences that make me want to see what and who else is out there and maybe help them communicate what has kept them here.

Abbie Rose - Investigator-In-Training - I'm originally from the Red Man state of Oklahoma but now currently live in Greenville with my husband, John. I work full time as a beauty consultant with Walgreens and overall am a young adult author/novelist. As a writer of fantasy, I believe it can be a reality. I know there is so much more out there than what we have mapped and catalogued as of now. Even as a small child, I always believed in the paranormal, watched the night skies for UFOs, and dared to go to any "haunted" places in hopes of seeing a spirit. I hope to see, hear, and feel the unexplained and help show the world that there are things out there."   

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